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Willy Wood
Educational Consultant,
Brain-Compatible Teaching Expert

Willy Wood is considered one of the top translators of research from cognitive science, psychology, and neuroscience into practical classroom applications for teachers. He has a variety of workshops available for your consideration (see the Popular Presentations page), and has created this page to assist you in your planning.  Thank you for your consideration of his services!

A Variety of Options for your Teachers’ Professional Development

Willy typically provides one full day of service consisting of a single, all-day workshop or two half-day workshops.

A full-day workshop is the most popular choice for experiencing what Willy has to offer and typically includes about five and a half hours of instructional time, plus mid-morning and mid-afternoon breaks and a lunch break for attendees.

When possible, Willy prefers to do multi-day workshops, anywhere from two days to five or six days either in a row during the summer or spread out across a school year.  This intensive focus on one or more topics provides the best chance for deep learning and habit change.

Willy is also available to present individual breakout sessions in traditional conference settings.

Full descriptions of available topics are found in the different categories on the Popular Presentations page on this site. Please do not announce or advertise a topic for your training before confirming the topic with Willy.

Willy is also available for student sessions, parent night workshops, and classroom coaching.  Be aware that additional fees apply when “tagging on” an evening event to your full day event or when tagging on to an existing full day gig held by another organization in your area.  Please call for specifics.

In consideration of the importance of networking and the processing of content, Willy prefers not to conduct meal-time sessions.  He doesn’t like to come between teachers and their food!

Fee Information and Other Financial Considerations:

1) One-day events in the continental U.S. are billed out at $3,000 plus expenses (travel, lodging, meals) per day, or at an all-inclusive rate of $3,800.  A signed contract is required to hold all dates.  Willy prefers the all-inclusive approach and prefers that he be paid on site at the conclusion of the workshop.  If this is not possible, he will invoice you and payment is expected within 30 days.  After 30 days, late fees of 10% of the speaking fee per month will be added.

2) Two-day events in the continental U.S. are billed out at $4,500 plus expenses (travel, lodging, meals), or at an all-inclusive rate of $5,300.00.  A signed contract is required to hold the dates.  Willy prefers the all-inclusive approach and prefers that he be paid on site at the conclusion of the workshop.  If this is not possible, he will invoice you and payment is expected within 30 days.  After 30 days, late fees of 10% of the speaking fee per month will be added.

3) One-day events in Canada, Hawaii, and Alaska are billed out at $3,500 plus expenses (travel, lodging, meals) per day, or at an all-inclusive rate of $4,300.  A signed contract is required to hold all dates. Two-day events in Canada, Hawaii, and Alaska are billed in the same fashion as two-day events in the continental U.S., as outlined in #2, above.

EXCEPTION: For both one and two-day events being paid by the all-inclusive method, in regions that require a larger than usual airfare ticket, you may be billed for the actual amount of that ticket in addition to the stated all-inclusive fee.  This would all be worked out between you and Willy in advance.

4) International events (excluding Canada) are billed at $2,500.00 (U.S. dollars) per day plus travel, lodging, and meals.  A non-refundable $500.00 deposit (U.S. dollars) and a signed contract are required to hold all international dates.  The deposit amount is placed towards the balance due.  Willy will provide receipts for expenses, and reimbursement is expected within 30 days from the date of service.

5) The booking party for all international events (including Canada) will be responsible for any additional immigration/visa/work permit/legal fees that might be required for entry.  Invoicing for these expenses will be separate, supporting documents will be provided, and reimbursement in U.S. dollars will be expected within 30 days of the booking party receiving this additional invoice.

6) Please call us for domestic and international multi-day (3+ day) rate information.  Since multi-day events allow Willy to lock in a number of dates on his calendar at once, he likes to give the booking organization a good deal, so multi-day events are your best value!

7) Extra fees will be applied if Willy is required to complete any CEU/approved trainer/state training hours (etc.) paperwork that the booking party is not able to complete themselves.  Please call or e-mail for additional information.

8) It is expected that participants will be given either hard (paper) copies of the handouts and/or links to digital copies of the handouts.  Photocopying handouts is the responsibility of the booking party.  Please discuss the dissemination of handouts with Willy in advance, as he generally prefers that attendees not be given the handouts in advance or at the door (he prefers to build the distribution of handouts into the workshop itself).  However, he may provide other materials that the teachers should read in advance of the workshop.  In such cases, he will provide a digital copy to the person booking the event, and that person (or his/her designees) will be responsible for making sure that teachers receive the materials and their instructions prior to the event.

9) If the booking party cancels within 30 days of the scheduled event, they will be responsible for reimbursement of any out of pocket expenses related to the event that Willy has incurred to that point.  In addition, cancellation within 30 days of the scheduled event requires 50% payment of the total contracted speaking fee (less the paid deposit, if one has been paid).  Cancellation once Willy is on the road for the event requires payment in full.  Additional cancellation and rescheduling details are outlined in the contract you will receive.

Frequently Asked Questions

My agency will not authorize a deposit to hold the date. What are my options?

We are usually able to negotiate an arrangement that is acceptable to all parties. We do ask, though, that you share any concerns or questions with us when you start the booking process.

I am on a tight budget. What are my options?

A good way to reduce the workshop cost is to share the fees with other interested schools or districts in your area.

Does Willy require a minimum or maximum number of attendees?

 Not at all!  The more, the merrier!  But by all means, if you have any concerns–let us know!

What happens after I submit my signed contract (and deposit, if required)?

Your date is exclusively reserved, we create a file for your event, and we stay in touch frequently between the booking date and your event so there are no surprises when the date of your workshop arrives.  If your event is open to the public (as in a conference), we may post the date and venue on our website and share your contact information (with your permission, of course) so anyone who learns about the event via our site will know how to register.

Our agency requires that our contract for services be used and no modifications are allowed. Anything I need to know about that?

We can accommodate most requests when it comes to contracts and the verbiage contained within them. We ask that you let us know about any “special circumstances” at the time of booking. If you know that your group is typically not flexible when it comes to contract language, it’s helpful if you submit a sample contract for our review in advance of booking.

Can I use a Purchase Order (PO) to pay for Willy’s services?

Again, we are pretty flexible and can accommodate various payment scenarios. We ask that you make your intent to use a PO very clear at the time of booking so we can discuss the various options that are available.

Who is responsible for travel arrangements?

Willy’s office will make all of his travel arrangements.

Are videos, cameras, and/or recorders allowed during the seminar?

Still photography is welcomed and encouraged.  Video recording may be allowed if Willy receives a free copy of the video for possible editing and use on his site and other sites like YouTube.  The organization in such situations will have to sign a document outlining what uses they can and cannot make of the recording.

We reserve the right to pause any workshop should it become apparent that the workshop is being filmed or recorded in any way without Willy’s permission as outlined above.

.The exception to this is any TV or news media that might be on site to cover the event.

What about sales? Will Willy bring materials to sell?

Possibly.  If the presentation topic is using music in the classroom, Willy may make arrangements to have his book The Rock ‘N’ Roll Classroom available for purchase by teachers.  In such a case, Willy requires one complimentary table with access to an electrical outlet be set up in the back of the room. This table will be used to display and sell the books.  The other option is for the district to arrange to purchase a copy of the book for each attendee and distribute them to the teachers, either in advance of the workshop or on site.  In these cases, Willy can refer to specific pages in the book throughout the workshop.

If your event is a conference, Willy’s office will work with you to arrange for a comped table or booth space in the vendor hall for this purpose.  Please let us know ASAP if there is a separate vendor/sales point of contact.

No matter what the topic, Willy will direct attendees’ attention to his websites, and/or, where they can sign up for his free newsletter on brain-compatible teaching techniques and purchase his e-books or other materials.

Does Willy need any special equipment or materials for the workshop?

A Rider, specific to your event, will be sent to you once the details related to your event are confirmed.  It will contain everything Willy will expect on the date of your event.  Willy will review this with you before your event so there are no surprises for anyone on the big day.

Remembering that your workshop choices will determine the specifics of your Rider, here is a general list of what you will be expected to provide:

  • At least 60 minutes (90 minutes preferred) of set-up time before the day begins.
  • A sound system with a wireless microphone (either clip-on or handheld).
  • A separate mic for the conference coordinator(s) to make announcements, etc.
  • An LCD projector & screen for PowerPoint slides (Willy uses PC products).
  • Complimentary vending (sales) space if requested (described above).
  • Someone on site prior to and during the workshop who knows how to work all the AV/sound/tech equipment.
  • Handouts.
  • A room that is set up and comfortable for adult learners (discuss room set-up with Willy in advance, as he is a bit particular about it).
  • If attendees are fed breakfast or lunch on site, all catering and busing should be completed before Willy begins or resumes speaking.
  • No administrative (non-workshop) papers or forms handed out while Willy is speaking.
  • Evaluations and Certificates of Attendance (if required).
  • Payment in full as per the contract.
  • A minimum of 60 minutes to clean up at the conclusion of the event.
  • Correct, current point of contact information for the person who will be Willy’s liaison to the booking person.

How do I set up the room?

Once your topics are selected, we will send you a room set-up diagram.

What venues work best?

A large open space such as a convention center or hotel ballroom with adult-sized tables (round preferred) and chairs is best.  Other large areas such as a school library or commons area work well, also. Gymnasiums… not so much, as they are designed for sporting events, not teacher trainings.  Auditoriums are not good, either, as they limit the ability of people to move easily around the space (a must for an active workshop such as Willy provides).  But if a gym or auditorium are the only options, we can be flexible.  Just let us know so we can plan accordingly.

I’m ready to book something now! What do I do?

Call the office at 573-356-1572 or send an email to to determine date availability.

Once a date is selected and confirmed, you will be invoiced for your non-refundable booking deposit (if applicable) and will receive a contract for signature.  Both the deposit (if required) and signed contract are required to reserve your date!

Willy Wood, M.Ed.
103 N. Greenwood
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Phone: 573-356-1572