Willy is Ready to Work with You!

Willy Wood is considered one of the top translators of research from cognitive science, psychology, and neuroscience into practical classroom applications for teachers. He has a variety of workshops available for your consideration, and has assembled a workshop information packet to assist you in your planning.

Willy typically provides one full day of service consisting of a single, all-day workshop or two half-day workshops.

A full-day workshop is the most popular choice for experiencing what Willy has to offer and typically includes about five and a half hours of instructional time, plus mid-morning and mid-afternoon breaks and a lunch break for attendees.

When possible, Willy prefers to do multi-day workshops, anywhere from two days to five or six days in a row during the summer or up to ten days spread out across a school year.  This intensive focus on one or more topics provides the best chance for deep learning and habit change.

Willy is also available to present individual breakout sessions in traditional conference settings.

Go to the Popular Presentations page, then click the category of workshops you’re interested in for full descriptions of available topics.

Thank you for your consideration of Willy’s services!