Workshops for Parents and Students
“Parenting the Teen Brain: Strategies for Negotiating the Minefield of the Teen Years”

Is your teenager going through a lot of changes in his or her life–and is he or she taking you through a lot of changes, too?  Are you beginning to wonder if you’re going to survive it all?  We all know that the teen years are full of upheaval for everyone concerned, and there’s certainly no lack of books full of parenting advice out there.  You’ve probably already read a few of them.  And much of the advice you’ll find in such books is good advice.  But maybe you’re looking for advice that springs from a deeper level, from a better understanding of what’s going on inside the teen brain during these tumultuous years.  If so, this is the workshop for you!   In this fast-paced, informative session, Willy shares some of the changes going on inside your child’s head and explains how a few basic principles, consistently applied, can bring a little order (or at least understanding) to the chaos.  You will explore four major areas to which parents must attend when dealing with their teenagers: relationships, goals, emotions, and developing maturity.  You’ll walk away with a deeper understanding of what your child is going through, an understanding that will provide a solid foundation upon which to build a game plan for moving forward.

Length: Half-day or Full-day.
Audience: Middle and/or high school teachers, all content areas.


“Five Facts about the Reading Brain and What they Mean for Parents”

In this engaging session, brain-compatible teaching expert Willy Wood will share with you what cognitive science and neuroscience can (and can’t) tell us about how the reading brain works.  You will learn what parents and child-care providers should focus on in the area of literacy and what they shouldn’t focus on.  Come to this session prepared to challenge some of the beliefs you may currently have about preparing young children to read.

Length: Half-day.
Audience: Parents of Pre-K through third grade children (better if their children are on the younger end of this range, as parents will be able to implement the strategies earlier).


“How to Ace Every Test: 5 Rules for Learning Anything Better”

How would you like to ace every test you take?  Or put an end to test anxiety forever?  Would you like to study less and still get better grades?  Well, it’s all possible, and that’s exactly what you’ll learn in this fast-paced workshop.  Educational consultant Willy Wood will take you through five “rules” for studying that cognitive science has proven in multiple research studies.  But be prepared to be surprised; you may just find out that everything you’ve been doing is wrong!

Length: Two hours to Half-day.
Audience: Secondary students.