Intensive Brain-Compatible Teaching Institutes
“Teaching that Sticks: The Complete Brain-Compatible Teaching Intensive Institute”

Have you ever wished that you were more knowledgeable about how the human brain learns best?  Have you ever wondered which instructional strategies, curricular approaches, and assessment practices best fit the brain’s natural learning strengths?

Well, you don’t have to read fifty books on a wide variety of cognitive science, psychology, and neuroscience topics, and you don’t have to spend two years in an intensive (and expensive!) Master’s degree program to learn everything you need to become a master brain-compatible teaching expert.  All you have to do is attend this multi-day master’s course presented by educational consultant and brain-compatible teaching expert, Willy Wood.

Designed to bring an entire school’s faculty up to speed across the course of a single school year, this course covers:

  • The crucial role that prior knowledge plays in learning new material, and how to use pre-assessment of prior knowledge to design differentiated instruction that maximizes learning for all students.
  • The three types of attention and how to manipulate them to improve student engagement, mood, and time on task.
  • Specific, effective management strategies that makes transitions go more smoothly and reduce lost instructional time.
  • Seven highly-effective uses of music to moderate student mood, energy levels, focus, and learning.
  • Working memory limitations of the human brain and how to design instruction so that these limitations are not maxed out.
  • Lecture methodology for high-input lessons that engage students and allow them to encode the content efficiently.
  • Strategies for making students’ initial encoding of new material rich and memorable.
  • Building relevance and emotion into lessons to maximize engagement with the content.
  • Structuring units and lessons to take advantage of the power of spaced learning, interleaved learning, and varied learning.
  • Structuring units and lessons in order to take advantage of the testing effect for maximizing learning to increase retention and test scores.
  • Study strategies you can teach your students that are much more effective than what they’re currently doing.
  • Homework assignments that work better than traditional homework.
  • Highly effective mnemonic strategies that cement important learning in place and make retrieval effortless.
  • “Big picture” reflection approaches that keep the focus on long-term growth.

…and much, much more!

The information covered in this masters’ class is appropriate for teachers of all ages of students and all grade levels.  Time is built into the structure of all modules for teachers to practice and apply everything they learn to their own specific curricula and classroom situations.  There’s not a class like this to be found anywhere else.  The effects of this single school year’s professional development will last and pay off in increased teacher effectiveness and student achievement for years!

Length: From five to ten days, delivered either straight through in the summer or spread out across a school year.
Audience: The entire faculty of a school or smaller school district, or a subset of the entire faculty.

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